Per club 1 general information form has to be completed, together with all the related registration forms (tables) per style and discipline for which you want to register (view summary below).

All the documents (general information and the tables per discipline and style) must be submitted in 1 e-mail to

There is only 1 contact person per participating club. All the dancers pay 10 euro start fee per day.

Per club, 1 supervisor per style gets free access. That person’s name must be mentioned on the registration form.

The registrations have to be submitted per e-mail ultimately on 1/10/18. After the approval by Danssport Vlaanderen the start fee of 10 euro/person has to be paid before 15/10/18. Please transfer the correct amount of money on IBAN: BE43 0682 4067 3801 – BIC GKCCBEBB mentioning the club name + the name of the person responsible.

WDSF Open Youth & Adults

If you want to compete in the WDSF Open Youth & Adults, make sure to read all guidelines in the competition rules! You’ll find more information about the WDSF license through these links:

Disco Street Modern Jazz Show
General REQUIRED!  General Form
Solo  Disco solo  Street solo  Modern solo only juniors/adults
Duo  Disco duo  Street duo Modern duo only juniors/adults
Small Group  Disco smallgroups  Street smallgroups  Modern smallgroups  Jazz smallgroups
Formation  Disco formations  Street formations  Modern formations  Jazz formations  Show formations